How to enter

Grosvenor House Hotel
14 October 2020

How to enter


How to Enter


You must submit your entry online by the entry deadline – 24 January 2020.
You do not have to complete your entry in one session - once you have registered you can save your work as you go along. To start a new session, click on Entries, Log in and Sign in.


These awards are FREE to enter.


Getting started with your application
Go to the categories page and click on the category you are interested in entering. You will then see the general entry criteria for that category.

When you have selected your category, click on Enter Award to see the questions you will be asked to answer in your award submission.

In order to continue you will need to register your details and choose a username and password - make a record of these as you will need them each time you return to your entry.

Beginning your submission
Once you have registered, you will then be taken to the entry questions and can start to work through them.

Please ensure you complete all sections carefully and within the specified word limits - you will not be able to submit your entry if you go over these.

You can upload documents to support your entry by using the browse button to find the file and then clicking on Upload to attach it to your entry. Files must be no larger than 5MB in total and if you wish to attach more than one document we recommend uploading them in a zip file.

To save your entry and come back to it at a later date, simply click Save and log out.

We would recommend that you save every 30 minutes while going through the entry process.

Returning to a saved entry
Simply click on Entries, Log in and Sign in.

Submitting your entry
Once you have completed all questions and are happy with your answers tick your entry and press Submit. Please note: that once you have pressed this button, your entry cannot be amended.

Finished entry
When your entry has been successfully submitted you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive this email, please contact our events team using the Contact us page.

Please note: all entries are confidential. Only judges will view your submission, and they cannot see your login details.

If you experience any technical problems or have any questions about registration, login or the entry process, please contact Will Amison on 020 3953 2102,

Please note that if you are shortlisted you will be required to attend face-to-face presentations with your judging panel*. The second phase of judging will have each category judged over one day on the week commencing 14th or 21st May in Central London.

We will confirm the exact date of specific categories at a later date. It is important you attend this presentation, so please do bear this in mind.  


The Judging Process

  • The judging process has unrivalled integrity at its core
  • Judges are selected based on being clients to businesses that enter, and who therefore understand what excellence looks like, or because they are technical experts in one or more fields.
  • The judges are arranged in panels of three or four, with each unaware of who will be on their panel, until the day of face-to-face presentations by finalists.
  • They judge each entry online and award a score, with the panel’s average score determining the top organisations that will become finalists.
  • The decision on who wins each category rests solely with the judges. The only exception is the Supreme Award, which is judged by the editorial team, based on those truly exceptional category winners that are put forward for consideration by the judges.
  • Face-to-face judging takes place on the 14th-21st May with all entries for a category being judged on the same day and around 3 categories in total being judged on each day. 



Q. How can I view the questions before entering?
A. If you register your details on the site an account will be created for you; you will then be able to view the questions for entry. There are only two pages of questions so you do not need to proceed through multiple pages. There is no obligation to enter after registering.

Q. How do I log back in to work on my un-submitted entry?
A. Please log in. Once you enter your e-mail address and password, you will be taken through to your dashboard.

Q. I have tried to log back in and my entry has disappeared
A. When saving your entry to return later please ensure that you click "Save". If you have not clicked save you will need to log on through the "Enter Now" button.

Q. I have tried to submit my entry but the "Proceed" button will not work
A. Your entry may have timed out. We would recommend that you save every 30 minutes while going through the entry process. Alternatively write out your answers in a word document and then copy and paste your answers in to the correct question space. If you are leaving the page  for any length of time please ensure that you click "Save".

Q. How do I enter more than one category?
A. Please go to the 'Entries' tab, once you enter your e-mail address and password, this will take you through to the next page with any saved entries. Click 'Enter category', this will then give you the full list of additional categories that you can click on and enter.

Q. I am still having trouble entering
Please contact Will Amison on 020 3953 2102 or email





* The panel will consist of 3-4 judges from our full list of judges.

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