The judging process

Grosvenor House Hotel
11 July 2019

The judging process

How are the CN Awards judged?


The judging process has maximum integrity at its core.

Judges are selected on the basis of being clients to businesses that enter, and who therefore understand what excellence looks like, or because they are technical experts in one or more fields.

The judges are arranged in panels of three or four, with each unaware of who will be on their panel, until the day of face-to-face presentations by finalists.

Firstly, each judge individually judges each entry online and award a score, with the panel’s average score determining the top organisations that will become finalists.

The decision on who wins each category rests solely with the judges, once they have seen each of the finalist’s presentations. The only exception is the Supreme Award, which is judged by the editorial team, based on those truly exceptional category winners that are put forward for consideration by the judges.

Who is on the judging panel?


Now you know how it works don’t miss your chance to get your work in front of our esteemed judging panel.

Entry deadline: 9 February 2018

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