Grosvenor House Hotel
9 July 2020

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H+H UK is Britain’s largest manufacturer of aircrete products. The company manufactures the market leading range of Celcon Blocks.

Aircrete builds masonry constructions, from homes to multi-storey dwellings, schools, offices and industrial premises.  Its lightweight design and ease of use, makes it an ideal medium. Operating widely throughout the UK, H+H is privileged to work with many of the largest builders in the country.  

H+H aircrete is manufactured largely from recycled materials and is highly sustainable, with embodied CO2 lower than most other building materials.  H+H is very proud of its green credentials and achieves the highest ‘A’ ratings in the BRE Green Guide.
H+H UK products have environmental benefits in use and the company takes great care to ensure that its choice and use of raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging and transport are all carried out to the highest environmental standards.  Manufacturing sites are strategically located around the country, thus minimising delivery time and fuel to all parts of the country.

Aircrete's environmental credentials extend to its eventual recycling at the end of a building's life. As well as being an inert material that will far outlast the usual 60 year design life expectancy of a building, aircrete is easily recyclable and can be crushed down with other masonry materials and used in future applications.

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