Gemma Darroch, Donaldson Timber Systems
Gemma Darroch
national partnerships manager
Donaldson Timber Systems

A strategic national partnerships manager with over 7 years of executive experience in offsite construction and modern methods of construction. Her career in the construction industry started with a start-up in the modular industry, a timber-based residential volumetric manufacturer that gave her a solid grounding in the sector. Moving on to a well-established, steel based cross sector volumetric manufacturer, and after a short time with the company decided to go freelance until she found the right role that matched her values.

In 2021 Gemma Joined the leading offsite timber systems manufacturer Donaldson Timber Systems, specialising in the supply and construction of sustainable, state-of-the-art open and closed panel offsite timber frames.

“I found the company’s approach to people, place and product aligned with my own values on helping to combat the housing crisis we face, through partnerships, knowledge sharing and collaboration – all the while reflecting the government’s construction playbook in involving the supply chain early in the project lifecycle to reduce downstream issues and help deliver clear, outcome-focused designs and specifications”

She believes that the three-fold benefits of using offsite timber frame – low energy demand, carbon neutral raw material, and a proven, reliable, cost-effective mainstream way of building high quality energy-efficient homes – are vital to creating sustainable, resilient, and affordable developments for the future.

Gemma recognises the need for the public sector to work collaboratively with the supply chain, ensuring early engagement to ensure value for money every step of the way and by creating strong partnerships this gives the ability to make informed choices when exploring offsite solutions through knowledge sharing. This in turn provides an understanding of what is needed to see the full benefits of offsite.

Her goal is to truly make a difference in how we build our homes in the most socially responsible and sustainable way.