Julia Gregory, Corserv
Julia Gregory
senior independent director

Julia is Non-Executive and Senior Independent Director and Chair in a range of real estate and infrastructure construction companies’ Boards, with almost three decades of fostering unprecedented growth for private, public and charitable organisations through strategic leadership and transformational change. She spent her executive career working with global companies such as BAA, Ferrovial and GIP, as well as driving forward major Government Projects such as a new Garden City. Julia is known for striking the right balance between challenge and support, facilitating optimal decision-making and enabling businesses to achieve organisational and cultural change, overcome regulatory obstacles, enhance financial stability and mitigate critical risks. By appreciating the bigger picture and different points of view, she brings a fresh, holistic viewpoint to investment, real estate, infrastructure, utilities and renewables, risk management, compliance and governance frameworks, ESG, D&I and stakeholder engagement, as well as partnership creation, development and investment. In 2022, Julia was awarded a lifetime achievement award for Women in Business.