Rupert Lown, Network Rail
Rupert Lown
chief health, safety & wellbeing officer
Network Rail

I have spent my working life trying to improve health and safety for workers across numerous industries. I started with the Health and Safety Executive regulating Agriculture, Construction, Engineering and Gas Safety. I first became involved with Rail back in October 1999 a week before Ladbroke Grove and spent considerable time working for HMRI on this and subsequently Hatfield and Potters Bar investigations. Following stints helping the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Treasury to improve workplace health and mental wellbeing, I joined The Office of Rail Regulation heading up the enforcement and investigation policy team. I am proud to have lead Network Rail HS&E teams in Kent and LNE Routes before in August 2015 I took on the role of Head of Corporate Workforce Safety where I focussed on the Vehicle Speed Warning System and Planning and Delivering Safe Work. I joined the Anglia Route in November 2017 focusing on developing and implementing a Route Health, Safety and Sustainability plan that was owned by everyone in the Route. I feel very lucky to be the Chief Health and Safety Officer for Network Rail. Our objective is very clear Everyone Home Safe Everyday be they our staff, passengers or members of the public who interact with our Railway