Steve Gilchrist, Propetual
Steve Gilchrist

Originally a Chartered Engineer and Main Contractor, I have also held Project Management positions and since 2016 was in a Client role for Grosvenor. That all changed at the end of 2023, as I left full time employment to start my own business - Propetual - helping developments be more sustainable and efficient with resources with focus on tech, innovation and the circular economy. I’m really keen to use my experience across the industry to help change the way we design and construct our buildings, ensuring they are optimally designed for their entire life. Long term thinking is crucial to achieving better, more efficient and less wasteful buildings. I advocate a clear ambition from the outset which is essential if a project team are going to buy into that vision and overcome any challenges together. I write a regular newsletter on all things sustainable development and also organise the Circular Steel event.