Sustainability at the Construction News Awards

The Construction News Awards is on a journey to become more sustainable and we thought we’d share with our guests just some of the efforts we’re making in response to the climate crisis . It is increasingly important in our world that we come together to celebrate the achievements of so many, but we must do so in a way which is as environmentally responsible as possible.

The venue
The JW Marriott Grosvenor House London is a three-time ‘Greener Path’ award winner for achieving 0% to landfill, and a ‘Green Tourism’ award winner for its sustainability practices. These include a new AC unit in the Great Room to help meet energy savings targets, recycling cooking oil which is turned into bio-fuel for transport and eliminating plastic straws.

The menu
You will notice that the menu for this event has been chosen with sustainability in mind. The venue only uses free-range Clarence Court eggs, and all food waste will be processed for use in agriculture. We have chosen a white meat option as the main meal, and all of the ingredients are sourced as locally to the venue as possible.

Suppliers and collateral
Construction News chooses its suppliers with a bias towards those partners who take sustainability seriously.

Our event guide programmes are printed using mostly recycled paper and have been reduced in size by over 90% on previous years thanks to our new virtual event platform. Tickets are electronic instead of printed, and the signage we use is from Insite Graphics which holds ISO14001 certification. Event signage is all either recyclable, reusable, or is used to provide community power when disposed of – none will go to landfill. All the ink is water-based and much of our signage is moving to carboard-based alternatives, recyclable in generic paper waste collections.

Audio Visual Provider: Corporate Event Services
The evening's stunning stage set has been provided by Corporate Event Services, our AV partner for the awards. Corporate Events holds the ISO 14001 award which sets out an internationally agreed standard for an environmental management system. The majority of the lighting this evening is LED, reducing electricity consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional tungsten lighting. All of the company’s vehicles run a Euro 6 engine, complying with the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London. The organisation has ditched single-use single use plastic and offset their carbon emissions by sponsoring local conservation projects through the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Any scrap metal is donated for second use to the Scout Association, scrap stores, and various schools, community groups and artists.

We need to work harder
This section of the website isn’t just dedicated to shouting about how great we are for doing what we should have been doing all along. We need to do better. We would love to hear from you on how you think we could improve.

Please email any suggestions to the event manager for this event and take a few moments to complete the post-event survey which will be emailed to you after the ceremony.